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Look at these great photos of the new KM Systems BiFold we installed at an Assisted Living Facility in our area.

One of our customers requested an automatic door that could cover a 16' opening without impeding their ability to utilize all 16' of their opening.  Due to restricted wall space, a Standard Bi-Parting Door would not work.  We decided to create the door shown below.  Pictured below is a Bi-Parting Telescopic Door, each side works independently of each other and both panels on each side slide completely out of the openings way.  One side covering a 6' section and the other a 10' section.

We'd like to thank our customer for giving us the opportunity as well as providing to us these great photos.

Recently we were contacted by a popular TV Station in our area to provide them with sliding doors that could cover some very big openings.  ADE created and customized the doors shown below to provide the look that would mesh with the rest of the building structure.  Though the picture is small, compare the size with satellite dishes....these doors are huge!

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