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Automatic Door Ent.
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An Authorized Horton & Boon Edam Automatic Door Distributor for the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware Area.

Automatic Door Enterprises, has been in the business of supplying and installing automatic doors since April 1, 1979. We became part of Door Services in 2011 with the integration of 6 independent distributors across North America. In 2011, Automatic Door Enterprises, Advanced Door Services, Allegheny Door Enterprises, Eastern Door Services, Keystone Automatic Door Enterprises and Del-Mar Door Service were purchased by Horton Automatics.  In 2012, Horton Automatics purchased Door Controls and Advanced Door Automation. In 2013, Texas Access Controls in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. Horton Automatics of Ontario was the first international purchase in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2014. Today,  Door Services is located in 7 states and continuing to grow in the services and installation industry.

We are an Horton distributor of automatic entrance systems including Industrial Doors, Revolving Doors, Swing Operators and Sliding Entrance Systems. We have been the market leader in access solutions as well as specialty applications for many years. The reason we have such a loyal clientele is due to our dedication and product reliability. From the original site survey to routine repairs, our goal is to exceed all expectations when it comes to "Customer Service." If there is any other information you may need, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in Automatic Door Enterprises.

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